11 Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out


11 Ways to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

From protecting your goods to communicating their use, product packaging serves many purposes. In a world where new products are available every day, creating packaging that stands out is more important than ever.

People are always looking for new products that speak to them. Packaging can help communicate a brand’s message and values, two things that consumers genuinely care about when making buying decisions.

Great packaging choices can transform a business and its sales. Learn more about the benefits of attractive packaging and ways to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Having Appealing Product Packaging

There are many benefits of making your product packaging attractive and unique, including the following:

1. Promotes Brand Awareness and Interest

One of the greatest advantages of having appealing packaging is that it can improve brand awareness and spark consumer interest. Having distinct design elements helps shoppers become more familiar with your brand and its style. The more eye-catching your packaging is, the better chance it has of being memorable.

2. Helps Differentiate Your Brand

Having unique packaging is important if you want to differentiate your brand and products from others on the market. The average consumer sees between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements for products every single day. Special packaging makes it possible for businesses to capture consumer attention and distinguish their products from others both online and in-store.

3. Conveys Quality and Attention to Detail

Packaging is often the first thing potential customers interact with when considering buying a product. The packaging itself communicates information about your business and its commitment to quality.

Products that look and feel good draw people in. Your packaging can convey your team’s attention to detail and care, inspiring consumer trust.

4. Improve Marketing and Sales

It’s no secret that product packaging is an integral part of any marketing strategy. As it turns out, 72% of consumers say that packaging design impacts their buying decisions. If it’s clever and attractive, your packaging can sell your products for you.

11 Ways to Make Your Product Packaging Pop

Your product packaging is an important part of your business. Here are some helpful tips to make it stand out from the crowd and attract new customers:

1. Keep It Simple

Consumers have an attention span of about eight seconds, meaning you need to capture their attention quickly. However, they likely won’t spend the time deciphering your packaging if it has too much going on. While you’ll still want to use eye-catching colors and designs, keep it simple and straightforward if you want to draw in new customers.

2. Avoid Generic Designs

Packaging is a way to communicate with your customers. You wouldn’t want to tell them your products are run-of-the-mill and like others on the market. Avoid generic designs and go for something more personal to your brand.

3. Go With a Professional Graphic Designer

Even the greatest products can suffer from poor packaging. Your design conveys a message about what’s inside. Using free fonts or art can make it look like you don’t take pride in your brand. Consider professional packaging design services for your graphics. This is important for creating a high-quality design that will entice consumers.

4. Choose Your Colors Carefully

The colors you use for your packaging matter — colors influence human behavior and can impact consumer buying decisions. The colors on the packaging help shoppers understand what the product is like inside. Take the time to choose colors that make sense with your target market and the emotions you want to incite with your products. Be sure to use hues that complement your branding, too.

Colors influence human behavior

5. Tell the Customer What They’re Getting

Be sure to include information on your product packaging that explains what the customer is getting. Always avoid false advertisements on your packaging and ensure you clearly convey what your product is. Doing so can help establish trust with your brand.

6. Show How to Use Your Product

Another way to make your packaging stand out is by clearly sharing your product’s purpose. Prospective customers shouldn’t have to decipher what your product is for. Instead of being vague or mysterious, explicitly share how and when to use the product. A little guidance can go a long way when a person is making a buying decision.

7.  Consider the Environment

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Consider using eco-friendly packaging if you want your products to stand out. Using sustainable packaging like recycled plastic or cardboard is better for the environment. Shoppers want to support brands that care about the planet, and you can use your packaging to communicate that your brand is eco-conscious.

8. Find the Right Sizes

When it comes to product packaging, size is a crucial factor. In many cases, scaling down the size of the package is beneficial for businesses. Correcting size can help eliminate waste and maximize the number of products you can store and ship. Plus, consumers appreciate products without excess packaging because they create less waste and take up less space.

9. Share Your Story

People enjoy buying products from brands they feel connected with. Set your products apart from the competition by sharing the story of how they came to be right on the packaging. This is an effective tactic to convey your business’s ethos and purpose to prospective customers.

10. Use High-Quality Materials

When you opt for poor-quality materials for your packaging, it sends a message about the quality of your products. Because product packaging plays such a major role in buying decisions, it’s important that your business uses materials that look and feel substantial.

11. Be Easily Identifiable

One of the key ways to make your product packaging pop is by creating designs that people will be able to identify within seconds. The more memorable your packaging is, the better. Still, remember to keep its design simple and straightforward. The best packaging is unique and easy to recognize in a lineup.

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