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Protective Foam

When equipment or supplies require specialized protection to deliver them to their destination safely, custom foam case inserts can provide sturdy, reliable protection. For many applications, protective foam packaging solutions are an optimal way to keep shipments safe until they arrive at the delivery site.  At SourcePak, we offer trusted resources and solutions to meet your needs and help you manage shipping requirements while keeping sensitive, delicate or hazardous materials well-protected.

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Packaging Foam Fabrication and Assembly

Foam casing can provide specialized protection that prevents delicate items from breakage, jostling or exposure to damaging elements throughout the shipping process. Foam fabrication and assembly involve preparing custom-fit cases that surround and envelop the shipments to provide superior protection. SourcePak can create complex, custom-designed foam structures to shield your products using state-of-the-art engineering. We’ll work with your specifications to develop highly protective, economical foam case solutions for your items.

Protective Packaging Products Gallery

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Our Protective Foam Packaging Solutions

SourcePak offers wide-ranging foam packaging solutions to protect your products, whatever they may be.

Our polyurethane (PU) foam is lightweight, liquid-absorbent and scratch-resistant. This material offers an excellent solution for scratchable items such as glass and electronics. Our polyethylene (PE) foam options are nonabsorbent and rigid to create a closed-cell foam for heavy machine parts and industrial packaging. For items that must avoid static electricity, our antistatic foam is an option. We can also make PU and PE foam antistatic.

Another option we offer is cross-link foam, which is closed-cell foam with air pockets to reduce packaging particulates and offer increased protection for specific materials. As an alternative to cross-link foam that delivers similar packaging particulate reduction properties, cross-link PE is a heat-treated option with air pockets. To enhance shock absorption during shipping, we also offer foam-lined cushion pallets for your items.

Some of the options we have available include:

  • Custom foam case inserts.
  • Cushion pallets.
  • Foam fabrication and assembly.
  • End caps.
  • Eco-friendly options.

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The Benefits of Working With SourcePak

When you work with SourcePak, our team will help you manage your requirements and find the best solutions for your applications. Throughout your partnership with us, you’ll gain many advantages:

  • Shipping security: When you work with us, you can have confidence that our team will use best practices and technical expertise to keep delicate products safe during shipping and handling.
  • Reliable delivery: We implement streamlined processes to ensure efficient, accurate product deliveries based on your needs.
  • Cost-efficiency: Our highly efficient, secure solutions can save you on operational costs. They can also reduce risk and protect your company from liability for damaged products during shipping.

Choose Us As Your Packaging Foam Supplier

If you’re looking for a trusted packaging foam supplier for your requirements, our team has you covered. Our expert staff will manage your applications with trusted end-to-end services no matter what you need to handle your operations. Our high-quality foam materials and strategic engineering adapt best practices to provide better protection for your shipments.

To get more information on the services and products we offer, reach out to us today.

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