Benefits of Branded Packaging

Benefits of Branded Packaging

When building your brand, packaging often slips to the bottom of the to-do list. However, it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your visibility and drive sales. Your packaging is your first chance to create a connection with your customers. Taking the time to make it unique makes a significant difference in your recipients’ perception and purchasing experience — a simple touch like customized tape is all it takes to brighten up your delivery.

No matter how large or small your business is, it’s worth it to invest in package branding. Numerous options mean you can easily choose ones that fit your budget and craft a one-of-a-kind identity. Good packaging pays for itself with higher brand visibility, increased sales and more satisfied customers.

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What Is Branded Packaging?

Customized packaging is tailored to meet your business’s needs and style preferences. Whether you stamp a logo on a cardboard box or include a slogan, branded packaging shows thoughtfulness and assures the recipient that what’s inside is as fantastic as the outside. Branding your packages can be as subtle or grand as you want. Versatile and fully individualized packaging goes beyond the box — it also includes elements like:

  • Tissue paper
  • Postcards
  • Ribbon
  • Printed art

You can modify a package’s shape, size, colors, material and more for a unique appearance and lasting impression. The sky’s the limit, and even tiny updates make your products more memorable at an affordable cost.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Packaging?

Previously reserved for luxury brands, package customization is more economical than ever. Businesses of any size can enjoy branded packaging’s practical, aesthetic and financial benefits.

Stand Out From Competitors

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Since it takes multiple impressions to foster brand awareness, you need to create a strong, consistent visual identity to set yourself apart every time. Branded packaging is a cost-effective way to consistently and quickly emphasize your brand and create a competitive edge. Even using a new color can improve recognition by up to 80%.

Increase Your Products’ Appeal

Personalizing your packages makes them more attractive throughout the purchasing process. Customers will notice a colorful, decorated box on the shelf amidst other generic exteriors. Your product will also feel more like a gift than a purchase. A custom package is more exciting to open and more likely to end up on social media — and in other people’s hands.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers are 61% more likely to buy from companies that deliver unique content, so your packaging is a part of your marketing toolkit. Video and social marketing are essential, especially for small businesses. People prefer watching videos and are more likely to purchase a product after watching branded ones. With custom packaging, your content will look more appealing and leave a longer-lasting impression.

Packaging also plays a role in unboxing videos, which can garner millions of views. User-generated content is a valuable marketing asset that helps you spread the word and expand your consumer base. Think about the people who watch those unboxing videos — customers trust content from people like them. After seeing someone else unwrap a high-quality product in beautiful packaging, 79% of them will check it out for themselves.

To encourage clients to share their experiences, consider adding a call-to-action print with your social media information or a hashtag for your brand or product. Doing this creates a favorable view of your business in more ways than one. Your buyers will feel valued, and you’ll receive more opportunities to drive sales and boost brand awareness.

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Develop a Brand Identity

People prefer brands that share their values — consumers express more loyalty to brands that cater to their priorities and beliefs. Your packaging is one of the best ways to let your customers know what you’re about before they even open the box. Consider who shops for your products and what they want to see, then proudly display it on the exterior.


Promote Environmental Friendliness with Sustainable Packaging

You can tailor almost any element to reinforce your brand identity, including stickers, business cards and custom packaging labels. For example, the EPA reported a nearly 100% increase in recycled packaging in the last two decades. If you want to promote environmental friendliness, use sustainable packaging like recycled plastic or first pressed cardboard. Do you sell toys? A vibrant, colorful design will have kids and adults alike eager to open the box.

Enrich Your Customers’ Experience

Customer experience plays a vital role in the business world. With personalized packaging, your customers know they’re receiving high-quality products from a business that cares. A custom look also helps consumers feel like they receive more than what they paid for, a factor that impacts brand loyalty. If you sell items such as wine, a creative design or custom inserts can add more value and further wow your buyers.

Better packaging means a better customer experience. Your buyers will be more satisfied with their purchase and more likely to share their experience with others through photos, videos or word of mouth, increasing your reach and driving more sales. You can further highlight your commitment to excellence by including a handwritten thank you note or free samples.

Protect Your Products

Packaging’s primary function is to ensure your products safely reach their destination. You can use protective foam case insertsmedical room bags and ice packs and other custom solutions to safeguard any fragile, sensitive or hazardous items. Personalized packaging will match your specific needs, create a polished, unique look and leave a great impression on your customers.

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Save Money

Custom packaging helps you save money in the long run. Instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution, your boxes will fit your products’ exact dimensions. They’ll reduce your shipping costs as well as waste, making your brand look more professional and pleasant to shop with.

The right size also minimizes the amount you spend on boxes. Retailers need various sizes and shapes to accommodate all kinds of goods, from lipstick to soda bottles. Instead of spending extra money on oversized boxes, bubble wrap and paper, you can order custom retail packaging that suits your items and enhances their presentation.

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