Our extensive Aluminum cap product line ranges from the "ROPP" roll-on, pilfer-proof closures
to Long, Medium, and Short skirt caps which screw onto the neck of the bottle.

We offer a wide variety of sizes, including:

• ROPP Closures: 25mm - 38mm with height to 60mm
• Non-Refillable Closures: 28mm - 32.5mm with height to 60mm

Custom sizes available upon request.

Free tooling with minimum quantities.

A variety of fitment options is also available.

We also offer Plastic Non-Refillable Screw Caps.

Watch our informational video here.

SourceCap's custom nestled packaging provides more closures per carton, which equates
to more closures per container, and results in direct cost savings for our customers!

Our shipping cartons are also triple-wall strength, with an inner poly bag liner that provides additional packaging integrity and protects each cap, practically eliminating damage during shipment and increasing our customers' productivity!


Warehousing and Delivery Solutions

SourceCap will manage everything from the production of your closures in our factory
to the logistics of their delivery to your door.

With our regional warehousing and delivery and just-in-time delivery, we can ensure secure
inventory and prompt delivery of your product.

We can eliminate your transportation and delivery headaches, so when you need your product,
you'll have it.

OFFERING the highest
quality closures

SourceCap's three manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and Research & Development facilities.  SourceCap is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of aluminum and plastic caps,
as well as many custom design fitments.
Our facilities and production lines are arranged with extensive quality controls, and are accredited and certified by ISO, HACCP, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety,
and Health Management Systems.

SourceCap is trusted and recognized by customers for our high quality closures, value-added services, and sustainable innovation initiatives. In addition, SourceCap closures are distributed world-wide.



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